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Micromain In-person Learning Meetup

Are you getting the most out of your CMMS? 

Have questions about how to fully integrate your Micromain Global software into your day-to-day operations? Or want to get more insights from your data? Book a training session with us and get a refresher on key software features and functions as well as one-on-one consultation regarding any challenges you’re having. 


Here are some topics we'll cover:

  • How to develop consistent naming conventions (a MUST for having clean data!)

  • How to fully configure the control center system-wide for all users

  • How to set up an effective preventive maintenance plan

  • How to generate actionable insights from your data


Access training materials

Our training sessions are jam-packed with information and it can be hard to keep track using note-taking alone. You’ll receive documentation ahead of your training that summarizes all the key concepts you’ll need to remember later.

Learn from your peers

With small class sizes and a networking session before the training, you’ll have ample opportunity to meet with business leaders from your area or region. (Make sure to select the training event that’s in your region to get this benefit!)

Train in a City Near You

We are bringing back regional training for your convenience.

Take advantage of early-bird pricing

Ask your account executive for more information about pricing and group discounts.


Each training session runs for two days, with eight-hour sessions each day and a break for lunch. Networking sessions are optional, but we highly recommend you attend to get the most out of your training.

Networking roundtable

Introduction & Agenda

Maintenance Overview 

Menu Navigation

Exploring the MicroMain Program 


Work Orders, Quick Tickets, Batch WO Status, Schedule, Tasks, Task Scheduler, Projects, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Rounds


Accounts, Activities, Maintenance Categories, Checkpoints, Conditions, Customer Surveys, Failures, Functions, Inspection Points, Services, Specifications, Training/Certifications


Site, Properties, Buildings, Assets, Asset Explorer


Vehicles, Fuel/Fluids, Tires


Labor, Suppliers, Parts, Other Costs, Tools, Meters, Documents, Departments, Shop

System Utilities 

Event Viewer (WO Log), Parts Log, MicroMain Alerts, Menu Options, Data Link, About MicroMain, Help, Exit

Q&A session

Brief Overview of Yesterday

Practical Exercises

Inventory Building an Inventory, Maintaining a Current Inventory, Purchase Orders, Receiving Inventory

Work Orders Creating Demand Work Orders, Editing Work Orders, Closing Work Orders  and Batch WO Status

Preventive Maintenance Designing a Preventive Maintenance Program, Setting up Tasks, Task Scheduling, Creating Work Orders from Tasks 

Inspections Creating Inspections, Creating Work Orders Off Failed Inspections, Using Inspection Points in Tasks

Reports Report Groups, Filters, Batch Reports

Q&A session

Choose the training session that's right for you.

Need to train a large number of technicians or just want to get the best deals? Take advantage of early-bird pricing and group discounts. Contact your account executive for more details.



Special Pricing

Team and group discounts

Network with business leaders in your area.


Training sessions are organized by region to give you the chance to meet with business leaders in your area. 



Chicago- September 2023 

Training that's designed for you.

Most people learn maintenance management through trial-and-error. We can spare you some of that pain.

Want to learn best practices or talk shop with an expert? Let your account executive know if you'd like to discuss any of the following:

  • Work orders and preventive maintenance
  • Equipment failure tracking
  • Purchase order software instruction
  • Inventory management
  • CMMS dashboard configuration
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) instructions
  • Anything else you need for a successful implementation!
Micro Main